Signs Your House Requires New Roofing Installation

As you can easily repair a small leakage or hole every now and then, a replacement perhaps be required before you even know about it. Below are the top signs that will indicate to you if you require new roofing installations for your house.


Do you have an old roof? Depending on the certain materials used, the average life of a structure is around 25 to 30 years. For those living in a place with high humidity or heavy snowfall, this life expectancy perhaps be relatively shorter. The most perfect approach to identify the integrity of the roofing structure is to hire a reliable contractor who can have a thorough inspection. Professional can spot any signs of aging immediately.


Valleys are basically small dips in woods or sagging sports, sheeting and among the shingles. These are mainly the result of the deteriorated rafters, generally due to high humidity or heavy snowfall which causes these rafters to start rotting. Valleys can let the rainfall come into your house which can further damage leaks. Make sure to look out for these small but serious nuances which can even bring about a probably harmful mold growth.

Daylight in the Attic

When you have a well structured house, there must be no daylight in the attic unless you open up a window for it. Small shafts of sunlight between boards may indicate to some serious issues with your roof supports. Just like the valleys, this issue can take place if there is excessive moisture and poor attic ventilation may cause the rafters to get moldy and they will start to rot.

Deteriorating Shingles

Do you feel that your roof shingles have started to tear apart, buckle, curl or fall off? This perhaps not be something you are going to notice instantly as shingles in most of the houses are overlapping. On the other hand, if you see any granules in the gutters or in case the entire shingles have slipped off, this is a certain indication of a major issue. Just like the roof structure itself, shingles are vital components with a specific life expectancy. This life span can change from one season to another and one home to another. If you notice anything, it is time when you hire someone who could check at the potential damage.

These are some of the vital signs you need to watch out for during regular inspection of your roof. If you find yourself in doubt, it is always recommended to contact the most reliable and professional roofing contractors for new roof installation Ann Arbor Michigan who can answer all your queries and address the issues right away.

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