What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of HTML And WordPress Website

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. In addition to text it can also contain pictures. HTML became a key part of almost every web site. Syntax Cloud Computing wants you to know that one needs to be professional in order to create HTML web site for your business. They use languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and some other technologies used to produce the map.

CMS platform such as WordPress use a database to store and display content on the site. On the other hand, HTML site has all texts stored in static files.

Benefits of having a HTML site

Rarely or almost no maintenance – Once you launch your web site live (online) you do not need to install any required updates or make backup files.

The cheapest hosting solutions – To start a static HTML site there is no need for servers that have PHP or MySQLinstalled. HTML site can run on the server with the lowest cheapest resources.

Disadvantages of a HTML site

There are no updates – If you are not really familiar with computer languages ​​such as HTML / CSS, static HTML pages can be a nightmare when it comes to adding or changing content. If you do not have time or inclination to learn the basics of the language you will need to hire a programmer for even the smallest changes, update old pages, add videos or pictures.

No additional function – If your business grows and you want to add a new function to your internet presentation such as online stores, surveys or gallery you will have to hire a programmer again who will probably suggest you to create a WordPress website.

Price – If you must call programmers for every single task, they will need to spend a certain amount of time for which they will seek compensation, and the price of HTML websites will be bigger than the initial and in many cases, it happens to be more expensive than a WordPress website.

What is better? WordPress or HTML?

Okay, now we can say that we know the main advantages and disadvantages of a HTML website. Now we can talk about which of these two is the better choice for your business.

If you think that your content on the site needs to be static, immutable, and you do not need to add anything new or modify the existing one, then a HTML website will be the right choice for you. But who needs a static website? Or in other words, who will come and visit your website over and over again if it is static?

If however, you want to have the freedom and control over your website, you want to change or add new content, do not waste your money by paying developers to add images or text, your right choice is the WordPress platform.

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